Blanik Deeanna


Hip Score 8+15


Apollo von Dakota x Blanik Astra


Krizzie was an open and Champ show winner and is the dam of "Excentrik"+ "Extrovert". She also produced well when mated to the 2004 Res. Top Young dog "Rangemore Arko," producing the outgoing "Frankie" to hopefully follow in her family's footsteps. If you don't believe dogs have a sense of humor then you never had the privilege of meeting our Krizzie pup!

You Have Been Loved



To Blanik Bitches





Say goodbye

Don't tell me why you have to go

Loving you was as Good as gold

As good as gold

I'd love to love you, really love you

But you see there's something you should know

I really didn't think you'd go

Because today I could have sworn I heard you say,

 I love you, I want you,

 I need to be with you today

I Saw something in your face

Stay her besides me

I need your love to hide me

...And now you've gone away

And left me me crying like a baby.