10/1/96- 15/7/07

Arko V Huhnegrab x Lledfegin Camri

Hip score 6+5. Open show winner
Breed survey class 1
Dam of Blanik "D" litter




The last couple of years of  Seffe life she had a great time in her veteran classes. Though she got bored standing still she loved to move around the ring and as some will no doubt know what she loved even more was the applause. It was ALWAYS for her, it just made her jump with joy. So proud Id felt  as the judges commented on her fitness and condition. Lets face it, it really is rare to see an eleven year old GSD in the ring, let alone one who still moved with enthusiasm and drive. Seffe was not a big show winner or a well known brood bitch. Seffe was my special friend, my comfort blanket, my charming, funny little friend, my shadow. It will take a long time for these wounds to heal, but one thing is for sure the world has been a better place and my life has been richer for having known Seffe. I only wish Id had the pleasure of living with her a little bit longer.


Where has my love gone

How can I go on?

It seems 'di love has gone away

I ask you

Where is my spirit

I'm no where near it

Oh yes 'di love has gone a stray

But I'll blame it on the sun

The sun that didn't shine

I'll blame it on the wind and trees

I'll blame it on the tide

It never was enough

I'll blame it on the tide and see

But my heart blames it on me

Seffe's pedigree is available


Good night Aunty B. 

You have been loved.


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