Some George Moments!


“Get the phone” Steve shouted. I flinched at the familiar number on the caller display unit, but hell I was brave that day, I could speak to her, so foolishly I answered the call. To protect the innocent we’ll call her Anna, though obviously that’s not her real name. Really it’s not necessary to hide her name as I doubt she will ever find her way here, technology has past her by, but still, just incase!!!
Pleasantries and German Shepherd talk over and she moves in for the kill
Anna- “So what do you think of your George Michael then?”
Now don’t doubt it, normally to hear him called “My George” would have been a dream come true but in this context it sent shivers of fear down my spine.
Me -“Well you know what I think of George, do you want me to spell it out to you again?”
George had been the subject of many heated discussions between us. Anna is without doubt a racist, and a homophobic; well basically she hates anyone who isn’t white, British and heterosexual. She just can’t cope with anyone who is outside her own limited comfort zone of normality.
Anna- “don’t be silly I mean the cocktail of drugs, stupid man I always told you he was a wrong one. Men like him make my skin crawl.”
Me -“Excuse me? You know nothing about this man” I answered calmly “and I guess you never bothered to look into it, you just read the Sun like millions of others, and believed every word you read.
Anna – “Well he went driving in the middle of the night, wasted on drugs, and probably drunk as well.”
My temperature was gradually rising but I couldn’t help but snigger at her use of the word “wasted. ” Anna is a lot older than me so she would have definitely only read the word in this context in the Sun or another of this country’s low life gutter press.
Me-“Oh Anna to quote the man himself, same old same old” I replied knowing it would go straight over her head. “Why for once in your life can you not see past your own ridiculous prejudice and see the good this man is doing for so many people like me? Why do conversations have to revolve around his personal life time and time again? Close your eyes and listen to his words, and if they’re not for you then just leave me alone to be happy loving him. I don’t ask for your opinion of him, I never have and I never force my opinion of him on you; so why do you find it necessary to always bring him up in conversation?
Before she could get a word in I continued
“And what’s more if you are my friend then why can you not see that when you continuously insulting the man I admire it hurts me. Or is that part of the game, lets pick on Rhi and see her squirm. Well I will squirm no more. I am proud to be a George Michael fan. I am proud of George both for his work, and the way he deals with his personal life. When George makes a mistake, he proves to us all just how much of a man he really is, he’s always the first to put his hand up and say, ‘I was wrong.’
Anna sighed before adding her ten pence worth, “ Oh dear, take you rose tinted glasses off and see the situation for what it really is, I see a drug taking poof has been who can’t sing for toffee and gets his picture in the paper for all his misdemeanors.”
Quietly I answered “Yes Anna I guess that’s what you would see!!!!”The phone clicked off as I put the receiver down. What was the point? After all why waste my breath on trying to explain to someone who really does not want to understand?







I wish!!!!

My Greek God

What is it about George Michael?
Well where would like me to start?
His Music.... His lyrics are meaningful, they tell a story, expressing his innermost emotions leaving a window open for a true admirer to meet the real George Michael, if they should choose to look hard enough! There's a George song for ever mood of everyday. He meets me and comforts me in my darkest hours and dances with me through the highs of the good and happy days. He writes the lyrics, writes the music, sings the songs, and plays most of the instruments, not content with that he also produces the whole "package." Not many of today's artists have the ability or talent to equal that.
His Looks.... Simply he makes me go weak at the knees, like a fine wine he simply improves with age. Those eyes, the teeth, wow what a man!
His Personality.... I can only say what I see. He's funny, charming and in my opinion very deep. His sense of humor is fantastic, he has an ability to laugh at himself, a rare and wonderful trait in any man.
Over the years George has been of so much comfort to me that really I can not begin to put into words the love I have for him. All I know is that without him/his music my life would be in a different place now. George really has been my sanity in what has sometimes been a cruel, painful world. I do thank God for George Michael.


Dear George

I was sad and angry when I read that offensive article in the Daily Mail last week. The article is just a nasty, vicious attack on you, Anselmo, Kenny and anything that's precious to you. They have lied and twisted every fact of your life. Do they really know anything about you? I can only think that this is just pure spite and jealousy.
Your the sweetest kindest man....Yeah I know, I don't know you personally. But darling George you have helped me out of many a dark place in my life, especially through the most painful year ever for me. Without you to turn to in 2007 I don't know what I would have done. I don't need to turn to the bottle, I've got you to help me through.
I think what gets to "them" is that whatever they throw at you, it just makes you stronger. You have a large loyal fan-base who adore you, a lovely family around you, a gorgeous partner (Scratch his eyes and a wonderful career. Long term, why should it get to you?
Freedom of the backside! The fact that they haven't publishing comments which support you is getting to me almost as much as the bloody article! They just refuse to acknowledge the strength of support that you really do have. Dozens of people from GMF alone have added comments...but to no avail. Not one of them has been published!
I'd just love to think that you haven't read the article. Or if you have that your strong enough to just have shrugged it off with a few choice swear words. (and your usually good at them) But my God I'm afraid that if it was written about me or any one close to me I'd be devastated. (As I am for you.) Not just for me personally, but for the other people that I care for that it's tried to ridicule. The gutter press at it's best....Shame on them!
Dear George you have our support...and you are, as always "The Bigger Man"
"Not living my life with other people on my mind
No, not going to hide from anyone
Yes, I'm walking on new air
Just living my life
Better believe I'm gonna get what's mine
Cause I don't have the time
For the haters.
Don't let them tell you who you are is not enough
Don't let them tell you that it's wrong
Or that you won't find love
Don't let them use my life to put your future down
Don't let them tell you that happiness can't be found...."