My first judging appointment was at Aberaman C.S

BOB Was a young Lararth Hurricane At Amnedd who went on to win 2 CC.

At Vale of Glanmorgan my BOB was 13 month old

Alberdale Keistha of Petertwell 

who gained her  JW on the day.

At The North West Canine Society's Red Rose Charity show in 2008 my BOB was

Blacktors Bulan at Pennybeck


Bootle And Crosby in 2009 -  though I was disappointed with The entry the BOB was a lovely young male who I have previously admired.

Tracelyn Russell Watson


Getting Ready to start judging a Companion Show in 2003, and judging BSD at Bootle and Crosby in 2009


The Beautiful Mascani Giselle, Best Puppy at North West Canine society 2007





Companion Show in 2010

Junior Handler