Kaiser Vom Conbhairean

May 2008


31.7.05 - 19.3.2012

Bravos Von Steffen Haus X Ginger Von Der Maleichi

Hips 3+4,

 Haemophilia "A" Clear

Graded "V" Excellent 

Kai joined our family in Feb 08. He was a very Obedient, fun loving young man. Kai is the sire of the "G" litter and has left his stamp on the future of "Blanik." 




My beautiful big dog,

 I can not find the words to thank you for

everything you gave me. I'm just heartbroken to

have lost you so soon, I loved you so much.

Rest in peace my darling, until I'm privileged to

meet you again I will always cherish my

wonderful memory's of you. You were a credit

to your breed and your breeders, but more

importantly you were my closest friend.

I feel cheated of the time I should have had left with you.

Now we all have to learn to live without you ...

RIP My beautiful big boy

My awesome dog




June 2010

Ever The Clown!

Kai gaiting at NWA 2011


To Blanik Boys

Baby Kai at 4 month old