Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me A Bow-Wow

Do You Think I May Have Over Compensated? 

(Summer 2005) - Nikki, Jay, Krizzie. Louis at the front, Seffe and a young Tali doing something more important!




Having Been bought up around Rough collies I first fell in love with the German Shepherd breed when I was attending a local dog training class in the late 70ies. A long-coated male, called Crusader simply took my breath away. I made the decision back then that one day I would have a Long Coat German Shepherd and I would call him Blade!  Well I almost got it right and my first GSD,  Blade, a normal  coated male was born in February of 1991. It was 2007 by the time I got my long coat, a white rescue who I christened Finlay. Having never had time for whites his presence in my pack is a shock to many, but where rescue is concerned colour simply doesn't come into it!


Photos with Rough Collies Sandy in the early 70ies and Sara in the early 80ies


In 1988 I rescued a collie cross called Pepsi; with him in tow in April 1991 I attended a course run by The British Institute Of Professional Dog Trainers and qualified as an Obedience Instructor. I have been training handlers and their dogs at The Nantlle Vale Dog Training Club ever since.


In 1993 Nikki joined my increasing family. A daughter of the famous Int. Ch. Rosehurst Chris she was to be the foundation of my kennel. All my lines go back to Nikki. In 1996 she was mated to Arko Vom Huhnegrab and  gave birth to 5 dogs and 3 bitches..this was to become  Blanik's "A" litter. (My Affix a combination of Blade and Nikki's names.) Shall we say the rest is history!!!


Arko V Huhnegrab

In 1997 I met Steve and in 1999 we got married and he joined the "mad house." Steve loves the dogs but has no time for the showing. 

Steve with Kiri


Me with 2 of my boys, rescue dog Finlay and my pride and joy, Louis, May 2008.

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Rhian Stanley


Nikki with some of her family in 2004


The Past- 1999

Steve with Jake, Kiri, Seffe lying down Blade,Nikki and Dexi .

The Present - 2009

Asha, Mikey, Louis, Me, Finlay and Tali in the front.