My Name Is .....


It’s sometimes really hard to find a suitable and original name for a pup and I often find myself struggling. Anyway I thought I’d share with you the names of our “Kids,” original or not, and their meaning


Kiri – The origin of the name Kiri is Cambodian and means "Mountain."  The Hindu girls name Kiri is simply "Flower."

Kai - In American Kai means "Ocean," but its Scottish meaning is "Fire." Strangely the Welsh meaning for Kai is "keeper of the Keys." His full name is Kaiser which originated in German and means "leader.”

Asha - In Arabian, the name Asha means- "hope" or "wish." Other origins for the name Asha are Indian.

Louis - (he who likes to sit on everyone’s lap …Ooops sorry no, only kidding)  "Famous In French, the name Louis means warrior," from the Old German Chlodovech.  Eighteen kings of France have borne this name, and Louis was used by the French royal family for hundreds of years.

Finlay - In Irish, the name Finlay means- "blonde-haired soldier." Other origins for the name Finlay include, Scottish and Gaelic. (Those of you who know Finlay will appreciate how apt his name is!)

Mikey- the meaning of Mikey is "who resembles God?" or "Who Is Like The Lord?" In Russia Mikey also means "Godlike" or "Graceful."

Tali – the name is a variant of Talicia. In Sindhi Tali means "Rising Star!" In Hebrew Tali is "Dew from heaven" And it's Greek meaning is -"Blooming." (No not blooming nuisance!!) But Of course I have to confess I first heard it on BBC TV's Casualty, Tali was Consultant Harry Harper's wayward daughter!

Danni - familiar form of of the name Daniella. I wanted to call Lia Danni back in 1997 but with Seffe brother already being Danny I though it may cause confusion. Daniella means “God is my judge!”

Ziva – “The origin of the name is Hebrew. Ziva sounds like Zivah, Zeeva or Xeva.  The meaning of Ziva is radiance, splendour, brilliance, brightness or light of God." But again, I first heard the name on TV. Ziva David (Pronounced Daveed) is a fictional character from the NCIS television series a former Israeli Mossad Liaison Officer, she is now a Special Agent for NCIS

This is where it gets interesting!

Jezi – she’s not Jessie, Jess, Jessy or Jessica her name is Jezi Baba - but Jezi will do!
"Ježibaba is a mythological figure, appearing in operas such as Dvořák's Rusalka and in movies such as Miyazaki's Spirited Away. She is a forest witch and friend of the devil. (How apdt!!!) A famous Witch from Eastern Europe , she has the appearance of a peasant women and travels through the air on a pestle and mortar with a fiery broom. She has teeth of stone or knives and lives in a house that moves on chicken legs. Her house is surrounded by a bone like fence with skulls on top which shine light through their sockets. The house is situated between this world and the Otherworld. Jezi Baba can be very cruel and those who visit her may die. Sometimes she manifests her mouth as a cave and devours travellers who wander in. She maintains good order and punishes those who misbehave. She is good to women and others who seek her help giving them useful items for their quests. She creates such items with her pestle and mortar and cauldron of body parts. To those who fear her her house and objects appear gruesome but to others who understand her true function, such things are quite pleasant. The fire-breathing Dragon, Chudo-Yudo lives with her as her pet and guards the Water of Life and Death. In earlier stories she is the divinity of life and death and is surrounded by herds and horses where she holds the reins of the four seasons and controls harvests and rain flow."
Now don't blame me, blame Steve, he named her!!!!

NICO - the meaning of "Nico" in Welsh is Goldfinch. Nico is commonly heard in Italy--as a short form of Niccolo, Nico is one of the great nickname names, full of charm, energy and sex appeal. 

LOKI - is the Norse God of trickery, mischief, and change; a major character in Norse Mythology. Blood-brother of Odin and traveling companion and friend of Thor; his wife’s name is Sigyn, his children’s names are Hel, Fenris, Jormungandr, Vali, Narfi and Sleipnir. Loki is pleasing and handsome in appearance according to the Eddas. He is renown for his cleverness and for helping the Gods out after he has gotten them into trouble as well as his great ability to make them laugh and cheer them up.
He has domain over fire, and is a master magician, conjurer as well as shape-shifter (In some cases changing gender). Loki is bisexual, having sexual relations with both male and female in mythology. Bearing in mind Loki’s dark side as well as his good one, he is most valuable as a witty, entertaining friend, and a God to call upon.
Loki is not an evil malevolent being or the Norse version of Satan or some fallen angel. The later influence of Christianity on Norse culture resulted in changing the mythology portraying Loki as evil incarnate. This is not uncommon, Christianity often demonizes other religions gods.
Loki represents both our divine intelligence and also free will whereby we can choose for good or ill, and if we make a mistake to correct it. He typifies the human mind: on one hand clever, foolish, immature; on the other hand, he personifies the elevating, aspiring traits in human intelligence.
Loki is still worshiped today and one who worships or is dedicated to Loki as their primary God is called a Lokean. Compare to Odinis

The Older Generation

Blade -as a boy's name is pronounced blayd. It is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Blade is "knife or sword" For me the first dog I ever took into the show ring as a child was a Rough Collie called Blade. I swore then that my first GSD would also be christened Blade.

Nikki -Diminutive form of Nicole, The meaning of the name Nikki is 'Victory of the people'

Dexi - Variant of Dexter, Originally from Greek  "Dexi's" meaning is "worship"

Seffe - I have no idea of the meaning of the first name "Seffe." I simply took the name from her pedigree, one of her German grandmothers was "Seffe Vom Huhnegrab."

Simba - as a boy's name is of Swahili  origin, and the meaning of Simba is "lion".

Lia - The Greek Baby Girl Name Lia means - bringer of good news. I use the name as she was the smallest bitch in the litter, being a play on the Welsh word for Smallest1 

Krizzie - One we made up I'm afraid, though pronounced similarly to Chrissie with clear emphasis on the Z. I have goggled it found others with the same name, but there is no meaning that I can find. 

Jay - When he arrived here he was called Jacob ... which I didn't like, so he became "Jay" which is a Latin meaning Blue crested bird. (For me Jay also has George Michael Connections as Jay is one of GM's backing vocalists) 

Storm - Came here with her name, I think she was called after a baseball team ... or something like that. To me she was just a Storm in a tea cup!!!