Symphonica 2012


George Night and What a night!

MEN -Sept 21st 2012 ... (Written 22nd of Sept)

The man was just "F**cking Amazing!" Excuse the profanity's so early in the morning, but that's a new lyric that he added into "Amazing" last night, which kind of made me giggle.
Is his voice different since the tracheotomy? You know what I think it could be just tad different ...but no weaker. He was energetic when needed, pretty chatty and looked wonderful. My camera didn't cope at all with the venue so I have no photos worth sharing, but strangely the same camera took a couple of decent videos which I can hopeful share when I get home. (Now on Tali's Tails)
I'm looking forward to going home, I miss my family, but I've had a fantastic time and I'm looking forward to the next concerts in October ... See you there Mr Michael







MEN - 9TH Of Oct 12

Last night for me was superior to the last MEN concert. New tracks .. Star People and something called "Fear." Vocals were flawless, sound was better, atmosphere tremendous... Wonderful wonderful performance. Though  "I Remember You" was outstanding, White Light was missed :(
The only thing that came close to spoiling the night was three pissed scousers arguing behind us for most of the concert. Geri at one point asked them to please be quite, they obliged for about 10 mins!!! Shame on them, someone else would have loved those tickets!!!!
Liverpool tonight - great seats too, the best for us

Echo-10th Of Oct 12

Last night's concert at The Echo theatre left me in tatters. George was beyond perfection, and the rollercoster ride he plays with peoples emotions was on fine form! I loved the arena, (though try as I did the text messages I tried to send in the interval would not send from there!) the crowd was phenomenal, the atmosphere for me by far the best yet and George awarded us best "fucking crowd" of the year. Since leaving the arena I've drifted from smiling/laughing to being totally overwhelmed, choked with emotion. It honestly was, without doubt one of the best nights of my life. To be that close to "My Man" was something I thought my dreams were made of, and there he was, singing, dancing, smiling, shaking his butt and no more than 10 ft away from me. Only a line of grumpy looking bouncers separating the "Idol" from a bunch of mainly middle aged screaming women. ( But not all were female I hasten to add!) They really were not prepared for the move forward and their lack of preparation gave us the opportunity to get very close, coupled with the fact Ange and I had made friends with a young man at the end of our aisle earlier in the evening, I'm sure he turned a blind eye as we rushed past. I'm not a selfish person, but hand on heart here I gave no consideration for anyone except me and my friend ... and we were there right in front of him. I could see the eyes beyond the glasses, the drips of sweat on his forehead, the hair on the back of his hand, the glint of his jewelry in the light ... and those teeth, oh God those teeth!!!
Moving on .... his vocals were perfect, his lyrics ... well almost perfect. :) His larger than life personality on stage and his charisma as usually charming us all from the moment he steps into the room. The band and backing singers were perfect too .. yeah that's the word "Perfect" It sums it all up ...The whole night was just perfect!
So now I'm home, even with very little sleep I'm still buzzing. My laptop is having a heart attack as it tries to upload over a 100 photos ... the best one's I've ever had. I'm ready for the ridicule and backlash which will surely follow .. doesn't it always! I find it apt to repeat what Carrie once told me, "don't bother trying to explain to people who don't want to understand." I love that line and use it a lot. But really I don't care if they don't understand, I just wish they would try and be happy for me, maybe they could try and realise what this means to me. Is that too much to ask? I got away from it all, for just a few hours nothing else mattered. I didn't have to think of Louis' illness, of Abi getting old, of my health problems, of animal cruelty, of my van falling apart, of Steve's situation and the rollercoster affects on our life ...I spent my evening with like minded people who totally get it. I just had the best time, freed my minds of it's stresses and worries. I've come back mentally a healthier person and my only wish is that I too was following my friends on the final leg of the tour down to Earl's Court, sadly for me this time it's not to be ...
Anyway I had the time of my life ... For that I thank you George Michael


I got "This Close!!!!!"