Who Rattled My Cage....

...Maybe you did!


Do you have to understand it for it to be right? Sometimes I don't understand it myself; but it is what it is and it makes me feel good. It lifts the dark cloud of those depressive days, it dances in my mind through the happier days, it makes me glow with excitement and weep with joy. So for me it must be right. You consider it an unhealthy obsession but what helps you get through the darker days? What put the twinkle back in your eye then? Your Whiskey, or the 7th pint of lager?
And even now after all this time you still feel you have the right to laugh and ridicule. Is it me? Or him? Or me for loving him? Or both? With you I'm not really sure. He could never make me unhappy...though it wouldn't be terribly inhuman of me to admit that I do worry about him. Maybe one day you can understand just what he means to me, and so many others ....just look at my life; I've had and have so much because of him. I believe my life is richer for loving him; the true friends I have made, the places I've been and the simply pleasures of relaxing listening to his beautiful voice. I wish more people could see him for who he is and not be so judgmental about his life. But people like you let his sexuality get in the way of that. He's a lover not a hater, you just have to see him with his dogs to see that. Maybe he's not that different to you then? Well maybe not eh!
Unlike you I find no comfort in religion, but still I have morals and I hope compassion. I wish you'd respected other for their idiosyncrasies and not expect the world to be stereotyped and fall into your category of acceptable and "normal." I wish you love and happiness in your life. I wish you could cry out all the pain you feel and understand the inner peace that he gives me.

I wish you had "A George Michael" in your life!